Universal Nutrition Casein Pro 1810g

99,60  (sis. alv)

Universal Nutrition Casein Pro on huipputekijäproteiinijauhe, joka koostuu vain 100-prosenttisesta micellar kaseiiniproteiinista. Jolla ei 
ole alhaisempi proteiineja sekoitettu, kukin kolaatti Kaseiini Pro tarjoaa 24 grammaa puhtaimmista micellar kaseiini maailmassa.

Universal Nutrition Casein Pro is a cutting edge protein powder consisting of 100% micellar casein protein only. With no inferior proteins blended in, each scoop of Casein Pro provides 24 grams of the purest micellar casein in the world.

As a ”slow-digesting” protein source (and unlike whey protein), micellar casein supplies a time-released and more sustained flow of amino acids into the bloodstream, supporting a more consistent nourishment of your muscles.
Functional and multi-purpose, Casein Pro can be optimally used between meals and before bed. Each and every delicious scoop of Casein Pro helps aid in triggering muscle anabolism and staving off muscle catabolism around the clock.

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